DRAWNING - The world’s first media installation that operates interactively with drones.

Media Kinetic Artist Andree Verleger has just finished developing the worlds first, interactive drone show. When it comes to "never seen before”, show director Andree Verleger is the first choice. For Daimler AG, he has recently developed an interactive presentation where drones interact with 3D media content. Hence the concept of “drawning” was created, which derives from combination of words drone and drawing. The drones are the crayons on the LED drawing board. They turn into flying pixels and three-dimensional control elements, tilting and rotating images. The picture immerses into the space and becomes part of the architecture. The set becomes a three-dimensional volume, where all axes, X-Y-Z, are playable.

Like no other Verleger connects technology with emotion. This is driven by his vision to transform a stage into an antigravity field. All movements in that volume are freely definable.

Verleger speaks of an extension of geometry, which is extruded from the virtual world.

Currently Andree is working on the most modern show in the world, in which he wants to re-define and revolutionize the way of storytelling on stage. - Certainly in the NSB-Mode (Never Seen Before).