BMW Group
“The Next 100 Years”,
Munich, Germany

100 Years BMW Group - One Show, Three Records.
World’s largest media kinetic sphere sculpture, highest resolution projected image and lightest projection.

Media Kinetic Artist and show creator Andree Verleger has staged “The Next 100 Years” for BMW Group in the Olympic Hall in Munich, achieving new dimensions in regard to stage direction. Verleger worked together with VOK DAMS Munich on the project for one year, wrote the storyboard, and is both artistic director and show director. This created a brand-showcasing stage experience in the superlative. Achieving this, new benchmarks were set for all technical groups. 

“What is a vision and what is its chronological sequence?” is the theme of the 37-minute show. Projection and kinetic elements meld into a whole. The stage was scenically turned into a 3D concept space, where the audience attended the development of a vision. Entirely new methods had to be created for the preparation of the visuals. The full image is composed of 61 individual films and is therefore the highest-resolution projected image in the world. The kinetic installation “The Bird” is the largest illuminated sphere installation worldwide. The projection is also one of the brightest projections worldwide – 149 projectors were needed to project a brightness of 2,964,000 ANSI lumens. 

For the floor projection, it was important to Verleger that the lower rows could also get an overall view including the floor projection. To ensure this, a virtual reality space angle was created in the front specifically to test the views. An ingenious move solved the problem of “bad seats”– a special stage level, and the finely balanced tilt angle of the bridge constructed on the stage, allowed the vertical and horizontal projection to be seen overall. The 3D effects made this an extraordinary visual experience.