Gala evening "125 years of Bosch", Stuttgart

"The Spirit of Bosch" in music and images

A moving total work of art was created by the ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG in collaboration with the symphony orchestra of 150 musicians of Bosch and the BBDO Live GmbH at the 125-year anniversary of the Bosch Group and the 150th birthday of company founder Robert Bosch.

Artistic highlight of the ceremony was the premiere of the composition "125 Years of Bosch: A World of Innovation". 150 Bosch musicians from around the world interpreted the music piece composed specially for the occasion by Thorsten Wollmann. Musical theme was the emergence of a spark conquering the continents as a trigger for creativity and innovation. The travel was set to music with instruments and melodies typical for each of their cultures.

On a projection screen of 120 x 7 meters ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG turned the musical world tour into media imagery. The team developed a choreography of precise visual art and interactive performance, which were always staged effectively by the musicians and highlighted the topics of Bosch. The roughly 2,000 international guests from business, politics and the media were moved by the inspiration and power of the production, which - without words - brought them close to the spirit of the company.