Bose, Paris

A 'Symphony of Nature' to explore A VISION OF SOUND

The challenge was to create a visual show that allows the spectator an emotional understanding of the nature of sound. The Bose slogan "A vision of sound" was the central idea for the new product show placed at a two weeks distributor's meeting at the 'Le Grand Arche' Hotel in Paris.

The ABC team installed a huge 180 degrees panorama projection setup composed of six projection screens. Cubes were incorporated into the screens. They were part of the projection screen and veiled the new products until at the end of the show the stage turned into a gallery giving sight to the new Bose developments.

The Symphony of Nature explores the musical structures of nature. Every new visual element of nature is acoustically characterized by sound effects and represented by a musical instrument. At the end of the interactive show the spectators had experienced the 'sound' of growing grass as well as the extraordinary quality of Bose sound systems.