Lamando Launch & The Running Man, China

Shanghai Volkswagen, China

1200 VIPs, press and dealers and approximately 1500 public guests came together on January 9th, 2015 to celebrate the newly presented SVW Lamando at the National Exhibition and Conference Centre, currently Asia´s largest exhibition, in Shanghai, China.

The Lamando Sports Sedan, which debuted at the Chengdu Auto Show in August 2014, is set to hit the market in January 2015, including the long awaited price-listing announcement.

An unforgettable experience was again created by the great cooperation between Sculpture Marketing Services LLC and media artist Andree Verleger, CEO of ABC Event Production GmbH & Co KG for their client Volkswagen, Shanghai with multiple media installations. A 110 meter LED wall, partly covered with gaze-screens, creating depths of content. A floor projection and gaze screens traveling down from the ceiling for the interactive play between content and the Lamando. Could this be the future of car launches?

China celebrates numerous car launches, therefore SVW created what appears to be a unique event format under the motto “The future begins now", an intensive marketing campaign. The new event format is a mash up between a car launch, TV Show and celebrity support. The spirit and charm of stars, triggering the target group while simultaneously featuring the brand, catalyze the most “clicks” on the world wide web. SVW are the main sponsors of the Chinese reality TV show “Running Man”, which aired on October 10th 2014 and has since become a hit TV production in China.

Preceding the event on January 9th, audience members were invited to participate in a recording of the Lamando Running Man TV Show, using the existing stage setting.

Every brand needs celebrity support. JJ Lin, a famous Taiwanese singer, wrote and performed the Lamando Theme Song and is the main protagonist of the brands´ TVC.