NuSkin, GC Success Trip - Gala Dinner in Dubai, UAE

NuSkin brings 14.500 direct sales delegates on an incentive trip to the UAE.

Welcome to the Enchanted Oasis of Beauty! 

NuSkin, an US-based skin care marketing company flew out 14.500 employees from China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan to Dubai, UAE for an incentive trip. Two gala dinners on the 10th and 13th of April were held for each around 7000-8000 delegates at the Meydan Events Arena near Bab Al Shams. 

Combing the arabic theme of 1001 nights with NuSkin elements of beauty, media Artist Andree Verleger in cooperation with Uniplan, Neuman & Müller, Lunatx, etc, created two unforgettable shows during the gala dinners.