Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, Beijing

Andree Verleger, Art Director of multi-media design in Beijing

The brief was to develop and visually produce the Thai Chi parts of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The challenge lay in designing and creating a powerful projection. 

On the world's largest projection screen at the top of the stadium Verleger used animated natural elements and had a live-sized whale circle the "nest" while on stage he used 268 moving screens for his fascinating projections interplaying with a Thai Chi choreography. The screens were carried synchronously by 500 actors, arranged from the inside to the outside in three concentric rings with a diameter of 78 meters and illuminated by 168 Beamers. More than 2 billion people watched live as well as on TV screen this unique and inimitable spectacle of the opening ceremony in China's metropole. Verleger's act was honoured with several highly estimated awards such as the German Designpreis.