EXPO 2017 Opening Ceremony to Surprise Guests with a Large-Scale Multimedia Show

The opening ceremony of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2017 "Future Energy"

The ceremony was hold on several sites of the exhibition at a time: there was a multimedia show in the Congress Center, a concert in the Amphitheater, a light and laser show on Nur Alem, and finally, there was an incredible fireworks over all EXPO 2017 sites.

The staging involves the use of innovative scenic technologies such as large moving scenery, transparent LED screens, a projection system with a tracking function and remote-controlled drones.

In addition, stage scenery and robots where be precisely synchronized with what artists are doing. Over 300 artists have been participate in the large-scale multimedia show. A "ballet" of drones was one of the interesting features of the staging.

Andree Verleger, a world-famous director, created the concept of the multimedia show within the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony will continue in the EXPO 2017 Amphitheater where melodies from all continents will create the feeling of traveling around the world. The guests will be captivated by traditional Kazakh kyui, magical and vibrant rhythms of Africa, South America, Australia and Oceania. There will even be "freezing" but beautiful melodies of the faraway Antarctic.

After this, spectators will see an incredible projection, light and laser show on the Nur Alem pavilion, the main facility of the exhibition and the largest spherical building in the world.

At the end of the opening ceremony, there was afascinating fireworks which looks and feel like water, fire and wind.