The Centre of Now- Dubai

On 31.December 2012 a milestone in event-history was written.

The New Year's Eve Gala in Downtown Dubai, in front of the tallest building in the world and the most prestigious square kilometres on earth, set an impressive global landmark as one of the world's most attended single events.

The background of the event is based on the important natural and cultural elements of the world and how they all come together. The energy of the elements travels across the world to finally reach its destination at The Centre of Now, the place where people come together in celebration of friendship and cultural understanding. As the energy arrives it erupts in a show of water, fire, light and sound projected seamlessly on a mega 210-meter main screen and 15 water platforms with semi-transparent screens but adding all screens together there were 410-meter screen surface.

This great unique show concept and stage-design was developed by the German Media Artist Andree Verleger. In the past his shows has received several awards a.o. Golden Apple Award; ADC Award 2008; GOLD / Design Award Germany 2011.

He conceived a new era of outdoor events, by showing, what is possible anywhere else, to control the elements of fire and water, and move the boundaries between reality and vision by a language, that everybody understands in the world: emotion.

Covering an area of 25,000 square meters, the largest temporary multidimensional media installation of all time has been established. Covered in a 17- minute show impressions from the world, productions of fire and water in perfect synergy with dancers and a live orchestra (53 musicians) of Phil Sheppard in the audience spellbound. A show of superlatives, in which the dancers seem to control every production on the 27 screens and the illumination of the Burj Khalifa.

Equipment: 15 Water Screens, 9 Main Screens, 1 Step Screen, 1 Island Screen and 45,000 pixel images- a number-which was never used before.

New Year's Eve Gala was telecast live to over 1,000 television channels globally, and streamed live on and, reaching more than 2 billion viewers. 

Voices of Press: "Great, never seen this before!"

Following the amazing opening ceremony, now takes place a daily show January 4th until February 4th, 2013 named Water, Fire & Light, located in between The Dubai Mall and Burj Park with Burj Khalifa as the backdrop.